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Records of Free African Americans in Our Database
Compiled December, 2005
Census Records:

African American Dunn Families and their Neighbors, Maryland, 1850 Census

African American Dunn Families, Maryland, 1860

African American Stedam Families in Alabama Census Records

Wilson, Andrew. Free African American, Jefferson County, Indiana

Church Records:

Charlotte County, Virginia, Ridgeway Presbyterian Church History and Cemetery Transcription

Dallas County, Alabama Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Members, Slaves and Free Blacks

Autauga County, AL (Prattville) Harmony Baptist Church Records

Carrabus County, NC. St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Records of Colored Communicants, 1858-1859

Lancaster County, PA - Baptisms & Marriage Records - 1755-1800

Image: African American Family, Florida
With Kind Permission of The Florida State Archives Online

Madison Parish, LA Marriages Free Persons of Color 1866-1880

Westfield, NJ, Westfield Presbyterian Church Baptisms, 1767-1849

Westfield, NJ, Westfield Presbyterian Church Baptisms, 1802-1837

York, Pennsylvania, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Records

Court Records:

Genealogical Abstracts From Acts Of The Alabama Legislature

Hague, Susanah, Lewis Sawyer, Reese Buzbee and Benjamin Buzbee, Petition of, Edgefield District, SC

Jefferson County, MS Court Records, 1802-1813, Minutes, 1822-1835, Part 1

Jefferson County, MS Court Records, 1802-1813, Minutes, 1822-1835, Part 2

Jefferson County, MS Court Records, 1802-1813, Minutes, 1822-1835, Part 4

Deeds/Bills of Sale:

Dallas County, AL. Deed Book A , With all African American Names Listed

Flowers, Dr. Samuel. Sale of Elias to Padre Francisco Lennan, LA, 1800

Heating, Milley, Free Negro. Indenture of Son Thomas Whiteside to Wliiam Clark, LA, 1811

Pickett, S. B. Bill of Sale to William R. Pickett for Slave Daniel, Autauga County, AL.

Rapalje, Garret, Estate. Deed of Gift for Phebe and Joe, to James, Free Person of Color, LA, 1811

Wayne County, KY Deed Book B

Free Persons of Color, Charleston SC City Directories, 1822-1841

Lundy Family Slaves in VA and GA

Family Stories:

Biography of Mammy Kate, Elbert County, Ga

Davison, Pheobe and Caleb. VA>PA>WV

Greene County, PA Tax Records, 1799-1780


An Abstraction in Part of The Old Dominion


Bertie County, N.C. Indentures, 1800-1804

Bertie County, N.C. Indentures, 1804-1807

Bertie County N.C. Indentures, 1811-1846

Brice, Benjamin. Indenture of Sal to Rachel Brice, Greene County, PA

Hinson, Edward. Apprentice's Indenture, Augusta, GA 1867-04-07

Indentures, Craven County, NC, 1800-1804

McIntosh, Jery (?) D. R. Agreement to Hire Slave of B. F. Evans 1863-03-03

Mobile, Free Person of Color, Indenture of Child Polly Wilson, Daughter of Caty Wilson, LA, 1811

Strong, J.M. Agreement to Hire Slaves Pleasant 1856-01-01


Bryan, Isaac. Manumission By John Hammond, Frederick County, MD 1812-12-18

Crawford, Harry. Manumission from John Morrison Estate, Allegany County, MD

Leonard, Adelaide Reggio. Emancipation of Her Son Gilbert Leonard, LA, 1816

Manumissions From Acts Of The Alabama Legislature, Part 1 2004-03-11

Manumissions from Acts of the Alabama Legislature, Part 2 2004-03-30

Manumissions from Alabama Legislative Acts 1818-02-13

Manumissions: Rogers, Hoye Families. MD and PA

Parrish and Bell Families. Manumissions, VA 2004-03-29

Turnbull, Caty or Catherine, Manumission of Morill, LA, 1799

Vergel, Gregorio, Manumission of Infant of Maria, LA, 1800

Williams, Thomas. Manumission of Maria, Baton Rouge, LA, 1799


Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania, St James Episcopal Church (Angelican), 1786-1800


Dulin, Edward/Evans, Dudly/Martin, Charles/Peppino, Peter/Van Swearingen, Indian. VA, PA, KY

Jordan, Pell, Ratliff, Ratcliff Family Records, VA and NC

Rucker, Catherine, Power of Attorney to Charles Norwood to Recover Magdalene and Four Children from William Cooper, LA, 1799

Some African Americans In Choctaw County, Alabama

Vergel, Gregario. Payment to Hernandez Christo for Feeding Son of Maria, LA, 1800


Bowen, Mary Ann. Runaway Slave Advertisement, Bladen County, NC

Wallace, James M. Runaway Slave Ad for John aka John Green, Savannah and Charleston, 1821

Tax Records:

Greene County, PA Tax List 1799 or 1800

Wills/Probate Records:

Blackwell and Robinson Families, Wills, Fauquier County, VA, Part 1

Blackwell Family Wills, Fauquier County, VA, Part 1

Bruster, James and Elenor. Wills of, Jessamine Co, KY

Burks, John. Will of, Jefferson County, KY

Calthorpe Family Wills, Southampton County VA, 1756, 1791, 1793

Chany Family, Choctaw County, AL. Some Slaves Mentioned in Estates

Connell Family Wills and Estates, Gallatin Co., KY

Dunn, James. Will of, Jessamine County, KY

Faris Family Records, Part 1, NC and SC

Faris Family Records, Part 2, NC, SC, TN and AL

Harris/Dent Family Records, Orange Co. VA

Harris, David. Will of, Woodford, KY, 1835

Hughes, Thomas. Will of, Greene County, PA

Pool, Ephraim. Will of, Dallas County, AL

Pool, Stephen Petty. Breckinridge County, KY

Scruggs, Drury Edward. Will of, Sumner County, TN

Short Family Wills, Rockingham, NC

Tennant, Elizabeth. Will of, Monongalia, VA (now WV)

Tillman, Myrick, Fletcher, and Holloway Brunswick Co. VA

This list was compiled in December 2005.

Please be sure to use our Quicksearch feature to view records added after that date.

Happy Hunting from the crew at Africana Heritage!

Copyright 2004 The University of South Florida and The Africana Heritage Project. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. For more information, contact the Africana Heritage Project via e-mail.