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AfriQuest, the Free, Online Database for African American Genealogy, is Now Live!
Afriquest: Preservation Power in Your Hands
AfriQuest, the Free Online Database for African American Genealogy, is Now Live!

Afriquest: the People's Archive

Afriquest, the free, central Internet database for records of African and African American genealogy and history, is now live!

Free. Always. Period.

Access to the entire content of the AfriQuest database will always be free. That's what Afriquest is all about - keeping records of African and African American genealogy and history free for anyone to access. Every record in the Afriquest database will not only be preserved, it will be free to access, now and for generations to come. As the database grows, AfriQuest will become a valuable resource for genealogists, historians and educators.

Search for Records of African American Genealogy and History

Afriquest makes it easy for researchers to access a wealth of records which were previously unavailable online, or widely-scattered on the Internet and difficult to find. Every record readers add to the database will not only be preserved, but will be available to anyone for free, now and in years to come.

Honor the Ancestors: Preserve Family Stories

So much of what we know about our family's history has never been recorded. We carry our history in our hearts and in our heads. Afriquest makes it easy to preserve family stories for those yet to come.

Everything you share on Afriquest belongs to you. You can modify or remove your content at any time.

Share your family's history. Write about an individual ancestor. Discuss family traditions. It's your canvas - create and enjoy.


We Cherish Our Sponsors

We are very grateful to GenealogyBank, our first contributing sponsor! Each week, GenealogyBank will share records from their Historical Newspaper collection. GenealogyBank's Historical Newspaper collection includes thousands of runaway slave ads, estate sale notices and obituaries. VIEW CONTRIBUTED DOCUMENTS FROM GENEALOGYBANK

We consider GenealogyBank an essential part of our research toolkit. VISIT GENEALOGYBANK to begin discovering records important to your heritage research!

Afriquest is a joint project of the USF Africana Heritage Project and WeRelate. We are very grateful to Dallan and Solveig at WeRelate for the thousands of hours they have devoted to building the Afriquest database.

WeRelate is a free public-service wiki for genealogy sponsored by the Foundation for On-Line Genealogy, Inc. in partnership with the Allen County Public Library. It is the world's largest genealogy wiki with pages for over 1,000,000 people and families and growing. Their goal is to be the number one community website for genealogy.

The USF Africana Heritage Project is Sponsored by the Africana Studies Department at the University of South Florida.
Copyright 2008 The University of South Florida and The Africana Heritage Project. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
For more information, contact the Africana Heritage Project via e-mail .