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Book Excerpt: Nadanda the Word Maker
© 1994 by Vivian Owens

Nadanda the Wordmaker

© 1994, by Vivian Owens. Eschar Publishing

At 14, Nadanda found a way to acceptance into almost any clique in her school. She creates words no one has ever heard. Unfortunately, she has not found a way to be accepted by her mother. Then, one day her art dealer mother brings home an ancient African doll which leads them on a hectic trail of suspense and adventure, for it seems that Nadanda's made-up words do have meaning after all.



“Hey, Hilly…you know I believe…” Nadanda stuck her long neck further out the window. “I believe I know the boy who's hurt.”

Mrs. Hill retraced her steps to the window. “The red haired boy? The one limping? At school?”

“Yes. His names's Wolls. Wally Wolls. Always fighting.”

“Mercy. Well, let me call the police.”

“They're getting away. Better hurry,” Nadanda said.

Meet a Character:


Pips was any girl's dream of a boyfriend. Other girls thought he was a gorgeous hunk, but Nadanda didn't seem to care. When Pips flirted with Nadanda, she turned her back. Pips kept trying. Running a football or dunking a basketball started for him at age seven and now he was sixteen. “Winning the game” grew to be part of his everyday life. What it would take to win this girl, he didn't know.

In NADANDA THE WORDMAKER, we see a likeable teen hero with values and ethics. Pips knows how to treat people. In chapter 7, his bravery saves Nadanda.

ISBN# 0-9623839-3-7 (hardcover)
Author, Vivian Owens
Young Fiction, Ages 8 and up

Please Note: This excerpt appears by special permission of the author and publisher and may not be presented elsewhere without permission of the copyright holders.
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Buy Nandanda the Word Maker from Eschar Publications

About Eschar Publications

Eschar Publications publishes quality books with timeless appeal. Their books inspire, motivate and entertain. They believe that children and their parents are important and they offer our books as a help source in nurturing the academic needs of all children. To develop a fondness for reading, children need to believe they could be the characters they meet in books. For this reason, they introduced literary books focused on African American culture.

About the Author:

Vivian Owens wrote the book, NADANDA THE WORDMAKER, and it won a Writer’s Digest Best Book Award. She is the author of nine books.

With a writing career that overlapped her career as an educator, Vivian Owens received numerous awards or recognitions. Her newspaper articles have appeared in over 200 newspapers across the country, and her magazine articles have appeared in such publications as Upscale Magazine, About…Time Magazine, The Virginia Science Journal, and The Gifted Press Newsletter.

Best known for her “Parenting For Education” articles and workshops, Vivian Owens is the mother of three academically gifted children. In her work, she shares strategies of teaching and learning that have worked from her own personal experiences as a parent and as a classroom teacher who has obtained high performance results. At the heart of all her work is a determination to motivate children toward higher goals. For that reason she also creates youth literature that shines new cultural light into the whole realm of Children’s Literature.
Copyright 2004 The University of South Florida and The Africana Heritage Project. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. For more information, contact the Africana Heritage Project via e-mail.