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Sherman/Lafferty Family VA>TX
Sherman/Lafferty Family VA>TX

My ancestral home is Clodine/Richmond/Sugarland, Texas. There is a family cemetery and church in Clodine called the Pleasant Green Baptist Church and Cemetery. All of my early ancestors dating back to the mid 1800's are buried there.

The cemetery is rich with history. I've found headstones created out of blocks of cement that show 1854 as the death of death. There are artifacts cemented on the top of cement graves. Some of these artifacts are vases, jewelry, and other items.

My maternal gggGrandmother, Harriett, was born in Alabama in 1835. Her Mother was also born in Alabama. At this time I don't know who owned them. Harriett had 7 children under the surname of Sherman. Their names are Emeline, Thomas, James, Amanda, Anne, and Caroline my ggGrandmother. The 1870 census shows them living in Richmond, Fort Bend County, Texas. Their last owner was Joseph Kuy Kendall of Richmond, Texas.

My paternal gggGrandparents, Henry and Phoebe Lafferty, were born in Virginia, as was Henry's mother. Together they had 3 children that I've identified thus far. Their names are Kate, Sarah, and Silas my ggGrandfather. The 1870 census shows them living in La Grange, Fayette County, Texas. The Lafferty family was owned by W.D. Lafferty of La Grange.

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