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St. Clair/May, VA>NC>AL>FL and Oneal, GA>FL
St. Clair/May, VA>NC>AL>FL and Oneal, GA>FL
Submitted by Mable Sims, Brooksville, FL

My family came from VA>Anson County, NC>Greene County, AL>Hernando and Pasco Counties, FL.

My Great Grandparents were Hampton St. Clair (we pronounce it Sinclair) and his wife Sally, and Nathaniel Oneal and his wife Precious St. Clair Oneal.

Grampa Hampton came here to FL with the slaveholding May family. Grampa Nathaniel's family came here from Georgia.

Dr. James May migrated from Anson County, NC to Greene County, AL, with his father Pleasant May.

His brother Patrick May also migrated. Patrick's son John L. (Lawson?) May married his first cousin Marina Hill May, who was the daughter of Dr. James May, and his wife Matilda Howard Sanderson May.

Matilda came from Pennsylvania. When her father died, she migrated to Greene County, AL with her brother Lemuel Sanderson.

Dr. James May died before John, his wife Marina, and his mother-in-law Matilda, migrated to Hernando County, FL in 1856.

After Emancipation, Grampa Hampton St. Clair and Grampa Nathaniel Oneal were the founders of Twin Lakes, FL.

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