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Annie Lee Bryant, John Henry Bryant, Ensley, AL>Charleroi, PA>Middleport, OH
Annie Lee Bryant, John Henry Bryant, Ensley, AL>Charleroi, PA>Middleport, OH

This is the story that has been passed down on my mother's side of the family. I am still trying to verify most of it.

What I do know for sure is my mother, Annie Lee Bryant was born in Charlerloi, Pa. 4/23/1928. Her father John Henry Bryant was born in Ensley ,Ala. 12/1/1869.

The rest I haven't confirmed yet ,but it goes like this. John Henry's father was Henry Reid Bryant & his mother's name was Roxanne( don't know her maiden name). Henry Reid Bryant's father was Reid Bryant a white man & a slaveowner.

My mother is still living. We both live in Middleport, Ohio. She says her father was a mysterious man & didn't like talking about his past. He didn't keep in touch with relatives. Therefore I don't know much about the Bryant side of my family.

Mom said that her dad fathered children by 8 different women. His family moved to Virginia when he was a child. When & how he got to Pennsylvania, I don't know. There was a huge age difference between him & my grandmother. They had two children (my mom & a son John Jr.) before they got married around 1935 or 36. They had 3 more children after that. Columbus Isadore (Butch), Joe Willie (Prez), & Ruth Mae who is living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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