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Hall, Samuel and Charles Williams, Travelers on the Underground Railroad
Samuel Hall and Charles Williams, Travelers on the Underground Railroad

Hall, Samuel and Charles Williams, Travelers on the Underground Railroad

The fugitive slave act was the impetus that led slaves Samuel
Hall, believed to have fled from Harford County Maryland, and
Charles Williams, from Boston, to escape to Canada. Hall to Niagara Falls, Williams to Montreal. Both remained North of the border and raised families.

When Hall's son met and Married Williams daughter in Montreal
in 1885, producing nine children, a remarkable and lasting family was created, talented in music, notably articulate and loyal to church and country. Some descendents returned to the United States

Now those from both countries are getting together and
seeking information on their enslaved ancestors.
Samuel Hall, believed from Hardord County Maryland, father
May have been named Benjamin, both may have come to
Canada. Unconfirmed oral history says they came North as
part of one of the early Harriet Tubman groups.

Are there any lists of those Tubman brought to Canada?
The Hall's are thought to have come orininally from North
Carolina. Information? contact

Thank you and God Bless

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