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Special Feature: Enjoy the Song "Freedom" by Morgan Heritage
A Gift to Our Readers from Roots Reggae Group Morgan Heritage

World-popular Reggae Band Morgan Heritage Share Their Song "Freedom" with you!

LISTEN to "Freedom," Your Gift from Morgan Heritage!

Morgan Heritage are more than just a legendary reggae band. They're a revolution, a family, a force of nature, and a crew of five independent artists on a musical mission. And they are sharing their song "Freedom" with you in its entirety.

Morgan Heritage is comprised of vocalist/keyboardist Una Morgan, vocalist Peter Morgan and keyboardist/vocalist Roy "Gramps" Morgan, rhythm guitarist "Lukes" Morgan and percussionist "Mr. Mojo" Morgan, five of reggae vocalist Denroy Morgan's 29 children. Raised in a Jamaican household in New York and educated in Massachusettes, the members of Morgan Heritage share a culturally diverse family heritage.

The group, originally an octect and recording as Morgan Heritage since 1991, received their first big break by performing at Reggae Sunsplash, where MCA offered them a recording contract almost as soon as they left the stage.

Their time since then has been spent reconnecting with their musical heritage, from the Ivory Coast of Africa to Jamaica, and to recording and touring the world to spread their Roots Reggae message of peace and inspiration.

According to keyboardist/vocalist Una Morgan, "music is a universal thing. Our message is that life is a miracle and a gift from God, and, what we do with our lives is our gift in return. We want to Inspire people to value life." Morgan Heritage is pleased to share their song "Freedom" with you as a wish for a joyful holiday season. We are profoundly grateful for their generosity.

And true to their Roots Reggae heritage, the members of Morgan Heritage follow their father's advice to "always make sure that our music touches the soul. We shouldn't just produce the music where you can say, 'Yes, these are good musicians.' Even if it's only something simple, it should touch the heart of everyone. There are a lot of small things that he instilled in us that we carry with us throughout our life." (read the rest of Laura Gardner's interview at

Please click on the red song title to enjoy their gift of the song "Freedom" Read on to enjoy the lyrics, and for links to where you can sample more of their upbeat, infectious music!

Song: Freedom
CD: Don't Haffi Dread
Artist: Morgan Heritage
Genre: World
Original Release Year: 2005
Label: VP Music Group, Inc.
Copyright: (p) and (c) 2005 VP Music Group, Inc.


"This one's entitled "Freedom," dedicated to the whole entire world, coming from Una, Gramps, Peter, Lukes and Mr. Mojo - Morgan Heritage:"

We're crying for freedom for all mankind
We don't care about color
Racism is not our style
We're fighting for a better world
for the young boys and girls
This is our contribution towards a better world

Somebody sing Freedom for every black man
Freedom for every white man
Freedom for every Indian
'Cause we believe some day here on Earth
Every man will be free
Every man will be free

The world has gone crazy
That's life in this time
We've gotta make changes without destroying mankind
World unity
That's how it should be
Let's open our hearts and welcome tranquility

Somebody say Freedom for every black man
Freedom for every white man
Freedom for every Indian
'Cause we believe some day here on Earth
Every man will be free
Every man will be free

We're going through too much changes
Just to find peace of mind
If we could only be humble
Find a way to love each other while believing in each other
Then every man will be free
Every man will be free

Riding on the wings of a dove
Was a message from above
Over the hills and valleys there's a stream of love
Out of our reach
'Cause of the way we chose to be
Can you see
We've got so many souls in need

There's so many ways
To find a way to communicate
About the facts of life
It's out there
So come and share this vibe with me
Under the umbrella of love
We keep it tight

We need positive people
With positive ways
Every man working equal
Towards a brighter day
We need to have faith
That all good things will come true
The better days I pray for are for me and you

Everybody sing Freedom for every black man
Freedom for every white man
Freedom for every Indian
'Cause we believe some day here on Earth
Every man will be free
Every man will be free

Explore the Morgan Heritage Official Website to learn more about Morgan Heritage, their message and their music.
Explore. Discover. Learn. Teach.
Explore. Discover. Learn. Teach.


Explore the Morgan Heritage Official Website to learn more about the group and their music.

Click on the album cover or follow this link to learn more about Morgan Heritage''s latest release "Another Rockaz Moment," recorded at the Paradiso in Amsterdam along their successful 2005 European tour.


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