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  Wednesday, May 25th
Little Man Vogues for Our Camera at Cape Community School, Freetown
Little Man Vogues for Our Camera at Cape Community School, Freetown
Notes From Toni:
Today was the first full leisure day I spent here. Videographer Lenny Spears and I went fishing on the rocks near the hotel, with Victor as our guide. Along the way, some of the older children from the nearby school joined us, and we had a full-scale expedition. We caught a few small fish, which we gave to the school. When the fishing slowed down, we decided to go into town to the market.

The town was another scene of frenetic motion with everyone on the move, and quickly. The scene reminded us of New York City: sights, sounds, smells and lots of commotion, all bombarding the senses at once.

In the market, we found wares of all descriptions: jewelry, wood carvings, and stall after stall of textiles produced by local crafters. The textiles were incredible - beautiful, rich, deep colors of tie-dye or batik, as well as heavy woven textiles. Some of the fabrics had been used to produce ready-made clothing, tablecloths or bedspreads. Others were offered as yardage. There are many competent tailors here who can produce well-made clothing in a matter of hours. We purchased clothing for ourselves and many gifts for our friends and families.

We were all smiles on the taxi ride back to the hotel. We agreed that the people and the country of Sierra Leone had captured our hearts.

We finished our day with a nice dinner and returned to our rooms happy, dazzled by all that we had seen, and anticipating the week's events.

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