Roaming Wanderer  

Freedom's Ghost
Priscilla's Prayer

2005, Alana Thevenet

Oh how I long for my freedom
and yet all I know of it
is the ghost of my childhood
and of that, I remember so little.

The memories fade
as my time in this strange place
becomes weeks, months, years.
And my life does not belong to me
for I belong to the master

To feel the sun of my homeland
on my face and
the soil beneath my feet
To hear the voices of my mother and father.

The word is my prayer.
It is a ghost that visits in my daydreams
and in the dark hour of midnight
as I lay awake and try to recall
why I am here.

The time will come, I pray,
when the ghost will take me back
to the place I knew as a child.

And I will remember.
And no more will I be a slave.
Oh God, let freedom's ghost
come for me today.


Alana Thevenet resides in Tampa, Florida. Alana is a Co-Administrator for the USF Africana Heritage Project. Her interests include poetry, archaeology and historical research.

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"Freedom Sperrit De Prayuh een Priscilla Haa't"
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