Roaming Wanderer  

Freedom Sperrit
De Prayuh een Priscilla Haa't

2005, Alana Thevenet

Oh how me duh hankuh fuh me freedom
en still yet all me kin membuh 'bout'um now
duh de time me bin lilly chile een Afikuh,
en 'bout dat, uh yent kin membuh much.
Me memry duh fade now.

Wiles de time uh dey een dishyuh haa'd place
duh gone tuh weeks en munts en yeahs,
en wiles me life ent blonx tuh me
'cause de mastuh, duh him own'um.

Oh, fuh feel de sunhot ob me homelan'
'pan me face en fuh feel
de du't on'neet me foots
en fuh yeddy me murruh en me farruh woice

Da' berry wu'd duh me prayuh.
Him duh de sperrit wuh duh come tuh me
een me dreams duh day en duh night,
en w'en de daa'k howuh ob midnight come
w'en uh laydown en try fuh membuh
wuhmek uh loss me fambly en home een Afikuh.

De time gwine come, uh pray
w'en da' sperrit gwine tek me back
tuh de place uh been know w'en uh bin chile.

Uh gwine membuh.
En uh yent gwine be slave 'gen.
Oh, Gawd, leh freedom sperrit come fuh me teday.


Translated into 19th century Gullah by Joseph Opala

Joseph Opala is a professor at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Joe has spent more than thirty years studying the Gullah/Sierra Leone connection and was the principal organizer of Priscilla's Homecoming.

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