Roaming Wanderer  

Priscilla's Return
(a poem for Thomalind and Antawn)

I've cried so long my tears have watered the sea
And so long ago my heart was full
But my hope faded as my years
Now I must rest from my looking from my longing
I have grown so very tired

Come here children
I shall tell you a story about my tears filling the sea

So long ago so very long ago
My child was taken from me
She was so young her age like you
I can still see her now
She looks just like my sister
My sister sadden me when I see her cry

So long ago the sea took my child from me
Each day I'd hope to see her
She reminded me of myself
I remember she had ways like me
I used to play and laugh just like her\Ömy fathers says
when I was a little child

Donít forget your child donít forget your sister
Donít forget your family

I know in my heart that she has not forgotten
She will return to me
Just as my tears return to the sea

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"Freedom Sperrit De Prayuh een Priscilla Haa't"

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